We are very pleased to make our first announcement:

We are currently drawing up the screenplays for “18 – Clash of Futures”. Showrunner and author Jan Peter is writing the series with French co-author Frédéric Goupil. Following on from ’14 – Diaries of the Great War’, this will constitute the second instalment on what has been termed the ‘Thirty Years’ War of the 20th Century’. The series will focus not on the acts of war, on death and killing, rather on the confrontation and negotiation of ideologies and visions of the future which shaped Europe during the 1920s and 1930s.

The twenty-one years of peace which reigned between two horrific wars will be interwoven through the lives of twelve men and women from eight countries, in one extended narrative which will structure this documentary drama series. These biographies, which lead us to explore the realms of nationalism, world economic crises, hope, xenophobia, and a zest for life, often now appear breathtakingly topical.

Co-Autor Frédéric Goupil (links) und Jan Peter in einer Schreibpause am Atlantik auf den Spuren von Wim Wenders “Der Stand der Dinge”.


Genre: Documentary drama series // Format: Full HD, 2K // Budget: c. 8 Million Euro // 8×52 Min (Series version) 3×90 Min (Drama Version)

Showrunner: Jan Peter // Authors and Direction: Jan Peter und Frédéric Goupil // Producers: Regina Bouchehri, Valérie Guérin, Sandra Naumann

Executive Producers: Gunnar Dedio (LOOKS), Serge Lalou (Les Films d’ici) // Associated Executive Producers: Nicolas Steil (IRIS Film), Andrzej Waida (Waida Film), Michael Faustino Bauer (Fortis Imaginatio) // Editors: Gerolf Karwarth (SWR), Fabrice Puchault, Anne Grolleron (Arte France), Peter Gottschalk (Arte G.e.i.e.), Alexander von Sallwitz (NDR), Jens Stubenrauch (RBB), Gudrun Wolter (WDR) //

Produced by: LOOKS Leipzig, Les Films d’ici Paris, Co-produced by IRIS Film Luxemburg, Waida Film Warschau and Fortis Imaginatio Leipzig with/for ARTE Deutschland, ARTE France, ARTE G.e.i.e., SWR, NDR, RBB, WDR

Project development supported by Mitteldeutscher Medienförderung and the European Union’s MEDIA Program