Exhibition and Performance Program for the Werkleitz Festival .move ON – new media art from Australia, Canada and Europe


Sandra Naumann was invited by Werkleitz to conceive and realise an exhibition with 16 works of media art, produced within the framework of an international fellowship program in Europe, Canada and Australia. In order to present these works, the then empty rooms of a historic printing and publishing house in the centre of Halle were re-developed. As artistic director of the festival, she was also responsible for organising the opening event as well as the development of a structuring program with performances and concerts.


Sandra Naumann developed a dramatic composition for the exhibition connecting very diverse works with one another as well as with the architecture of the building, thematically and on the basis of the artistic methods used.  In doing, she worked with the participating artists to develop location-specific staging designs. For the festival weekends, she organised concerts and audiovisual performances by Australian, Canadian and European musicians and artists working with mediatic phenomena, in keeping with the focal theme of the event.

The festival was attended by 7,000 visitors and the concerts were all sold out.


Genre: Festival // Format: Exhibition and Performance Program // Dates: 9th–25th October 2015 // Location: Former publishing and printing house, Halle/Saale // Artistic Directors .move ON: Sandra Naumann and Peter Zorn // Exhibition Management and Curator of the Performance Program .move ON: Sandra Naumann

Participating artists – Exhibition: Matthew Biederman & Pierce Warnecke, Daniel Cockburn, Pedro Ferreira, Anaisa Franco, Verena Friedrich, Matthew Gingold, Korinsky, Lauren Moffatt, Robin Moody,  Cristina Picchi, Gail Priest, Steve Reinke, Mónica Rikić, Soda_Jerk, Isabell Spengler, Christoph Wachter & Mathias Jud // Participating Artists – Performance Program: Chinawoman, Deepchild, Hauschka, Kate Miller, Phia, POPHOP, Stephen Paul Taylor, Falko Teichmann, The/Das u.a.


„The raw charm of crumbling deserted buildings as a backstage for glimmering, whooshing media installations is once again the cachet of the Halle Werkleitz Festival“. Mitteldeutsche Zeitung

„The festival achieved a balance between pop culture and sophisticated artistic performance“. artour, MDR Fernsehen

„The location that served as festival centre and exhibition space greatly helped to hold together this multitude of topics and artistic approaches. As a further step in the festival’s continuous efforts to critically explore and highlight the urban architectural landscape of the shrinking city of Halle, the exhibition and most events were staged in an abandoned Jugendstil building in the city centre. This building was constructed in 1911 to accommodate printing workshops and offices of a publishing house and vacant since the publisher’s closure in 1992. Not only did this precarious, dilapidated building act as an omnipresent reminder of past revolutions in media history, it also added an almost ironic note to the bold, forward-looking proposition of .move ON – and, thanks to an exhibition architecture conceived with much curatorial care and technical precision, it resonated with the exhibited works in very different and sometimes surprising ways.“

„In utilising a building in ruins, Werkleitz enables art to come out of the White Box to confront the past and the future in a sort of time machine“.

Werkleitz Festival 2015 .move ON: The festival centre in the former publishing and printing house during the opening.

Werkleitz Festival 2015 .move ON: Isabell Spengler‘s video installation „Two Days at the Falls".

Werkleitz Festival 2015 .move ON: „Perspection“, an interactive audio-visual multi-channel installation by Matthew Biederman & Pierce Warnecke.

Werkleitz Festival 2015 .move ON: Matthew Gingold’s "Phase Orkestra“.

Werkleitz Festival 2015 .move ON: Artist Pierce Warnecke with the artistic directors Sandra Naumann and Peter Zorn, visiting the location of the festival in Halle.

Werkleitz Festival 2015 .move ON: Concert by The/Das in the former machine room of the printing and publishing house, initiated by curator Sandra Naumann.