„Kennst Du den Mythos“ (Do You Know the Myth?) – Staging of the visuals for the anniversary show „111 Jahre Schalke 04“ (111 Years of Schalke 04)


The marketing director of Schalke ARENA Management Thorsten Kramer, and the director of the Musiktheater im Revier (MiR) Michael Schultz set the tast of bringing the turbulent history of Schalke 04 to the stage and into the stadium in an oratorio. FORTIMA co-founder Jan Peter was charged with the emotional implementation of this idea, through the conception and realisation of a 90-minute video narrative.


Jan Peter drew upon a libretto by Ulf Schmidt and a composition by Dieter Falk and Heribert Feckler in order to develop a unique film narrative, which was projected onto three screens and coordinated interactively with the events taking place on stage. All the performances in the MiR were sold out, the premiere in the stadium in September 2015 was cheered by over 25,000 fans.


Genre: Video Staging on three Screens // Format: Full HD // Production Year: 2015 // Running time: 3×90 Min.

Authors: Ulf Schmidt (Libretto), Jan Peter (Screenplay adaptation) // Music: Dieter Falk, Heribert Feckler // Cinematography: Jürgen Rehberg // Editing and Graphics: Susanne Schiebler, Clemens Hübner, and others // Stage Production: Michaela Dicu // Direction and Visuals: Jan Peter

Production: AVANGA Dresden, commissioned by Schalke 04 and the Musiktheater im Revier (MiR), Gelsenkirchen.

Executive Producer: Tina Illgen

Commissioning Editors: Moritz Beckers-Schwarz, Thorsten Kramer (Schalke Arena-Management),  Michael Schulz (Musiktheater im Revier, Gelsenkirchen)


„Dear Musiktheater im Revier… We have just strolled out of the Arena into the night, with the myth on our lips, goosebumps, and for some a tear in their eye. We simply must write to you, to say that you have moved us and understood our royal blue colours; to send you a heartfelt thank you, because you touched our souls.

You had the tough task to stage and set 111 years full of history and stories to music, from the moments we were on top of the world, to those when we were down in the dumps. For two 45-minute halves, including additional time. For the stage which is Schalke’s world. A challenge which director Jan Peter and the composers Dieter Falk and Heribert Feckler gladly took on… and mastered. This was known and felt by over 25,000 spectators who joined in the singing, celebratory and cheering one-two with your soloists, your choir and orchestra. Dear Musiktheater im Revier, you struck the ball and the right tone, brilliantly! If Schalke makes the Ruhr region rock, you certainly rock Schalke. Applause and Good luck! Yours, Schalke 04“

From the fan magazine „Schalker Kreisel“

The video triptych in front of 25,000 fans – Schalke legend "Stan" Libuda in Susanne Schiebler’s graphic representation.

The Icarus flight – the marvelous animation by AVANGA Dresden, directed by Jan Peter.

Anna Thalbach führt durch die Show – here, during the film shoot in the Musiktheater im Revier (MiR) in Gelsenkirchen.

Anna Thalbach slipped into a dozen roles and costumes every day, here together with Jan Peter.

Video art meets pop - the ARENA auf Schalke.

Director Jan Peter and the team from AVANGA Dresden had 600 square metres of video space to play on.