Performance Program for
„2k+12 in/compatible“


Kristoffer Gansing, the artistic director of transmediale invited Sandra Naumann to curate the performance segment of the 2012 edition of the media art festival. The appeal of this task lay in the need not only to develop a program on the festival’s theme of „in/compatible“, but also to relate it to the history of media art, to mark the 25th anniversary of the festival.


Sandra Naumann developed a program entitled „The Ghosts in the Machine“, which reflected the relationship between „old“ and „new“ media. A number of works were shown which, using the method of media archaeology, reveal the materiality of the media themselves, deploying digital instruments as virtual wiretaps onto analogue media, luring „the ghosts out of the machine“.

At its heart, the program featured the legendary Joshua Light Show from the 1960s, including Supersilent with

Stian Westerhus, Oneohtrix Point Never and, a particular highlight, Krautrock/Cosmic/Minimalismus-Gigant Manuel Göttsching (Ash Ra Tempel / Ashra). These events took place in cooperation with CTM.12 – Festival for Adventurous Music and Related Arts.

With the Joshua Light Show in the Auditorium, as well as other sellout performances in other rooms of the Haus der Kulturen der Welt, the program „The Ghosts in the Machine“ established a new record in terms of performance attendance.


Genre: Festival // Format: Performance program „The Ghosts in the Machine“ // Dates: 31st January to 5th February 2012 // Curator: Sandra Naumann

Participating artists: Joshua Light Show, Manuel Göttsching, Flora Könemann, Rosa Menkman, Oneohtrix Point Never, Supersilent, Billy Roisz, Wolfgang Spahn & Martin Howse, Valerio Tricoli, Mario de Vega

Video for the Joshua Light Show: Adrian Pohl, for Zeit Online // Music: Nick Hallett


„Galactic Bliss – Madness: The Berliner guitarist and electro pioneer Manuel Göttsching gives a fantastic transmediale concert in the Haus der Kulturen der Welt, accompanied by the legendary Joshua Light Show. […] The psychedelic enchantment lasts 100 minutes. Afterwards, you’re no longer in the same world as before. But you only notice that later, when you wake up from the dream into which you were blown electronically. I have never been to a better concert“.

Der Tagesspiegel

„The last evening of this year’s transmediale was the highpoint of a festival which this year demonstrated a subtle, yet clearly noticeable change. That evening the New Yorker Joshua White’s Joshua Light Show performed for the third time in Berlin. […] This instalment of the 2012 Joshua Light Show, like the two evenings before it, was more than sold out for an Auditorium with a capacity of 1,000, members of the audience seeking out the last remaining spots. The overwhelming response to the media art festival transmediale was not least due to the fact that these evenings (conceived by Sandra Naumann) were organised together with CTM (until 2011 Club Transmediale): the pop- and club-oriented subsidiary of the Transmediale, established in 1999.

„Why more drugs? Consume art!“

Curator Sandra Naumann at the Artist Talk with Joshua White of the Joshua Light Show in the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (CHB) during the transmediale „2k+12 in/compatible“: in/compatible archaeology – Light Shows Expanded.

transmediale „2k+12 in/compatible“: Joshua Light Show featuring Manuel Göttsching.

transmediale „2k+12 in/compatible“: Joshua Light Show featuring Oneohtrix Point Never.

transmediale „2k+12 in/compatible“: Flora Könemann during her performance "this is a boys club pt. 3: scream: lack! lack! I am missing the gap" 

transmediale „2k+12 in/compatible“: Rosa Menkman performs "The Glitch Moment(um)".

transmediale „2k+12 in/compatible“: "Liquid State Machine" by Wolfgang Spahn and Martin Howse.