„Mein Deutschland“
(My Germany)


RBB and MDR approached Dokfilm GmbH, as well as Yury Winterberg and Jan Peter, with the request that they create a documentary miniseries to mark the 60th anniversary of the Federal Republic and the GDR and the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall. The commissioning editors placed particular emphasis on establishing an even balance between West- and East German historiography, and on the elaboration of an entertaining, prime-time-worthy narrative.


Peter and Winterberg developed their own unique format, weaving together extensive interviews with prominent witnesses of German history, large-scale and innovative graphics, and small, purely documentary biographical sketches in numerous locations throughout Germany.

A snapshot of the German nation was thus created through discussions and portraits of Angela Merkel and Helmut Schmidt, Dieter Hallervorden and Annett Louisan, through to Günther Schabowski, Egon Bahr, Katrin Sass, Eva-Maria Hagen and 52 further interviewees. The initial broadcast on ARD was followed by numerous repeats, as well as the sequel, „Mein Mauerfall“ (My Fall of the Wall).


Genre: Documentary // Format: FullHD // Production Year: 2008 // Running Time: 3x45Min.

Authors: Yury Winterberg, Jan Peter // Creative Producer: Daniel Remsperger // Producer: Josune Hahneiser // Line Producer: Frank Schmuck // Production Manager: Lilly Woszniak  // Music: Nikolai Tomás, Jean-Marie Gilles // Cinematography: Martin Lorenz // Sound: Michael Thaele // Editing and Graphics: Susanne Schiebler // Director: Jan Peter

Production: DOKFilm Babelsberg, commissioned by RBB television and MDR television

Executive Producer: Jost Bösenberg

Commissioning Editors: Johannes Unger, Jens Stubenrauch, Gabriele Conrad (RBB), Ulrich Brochhagen, Silke Heinz (MDR)


„Peter and Winterberg have managed to intertwine historical film material with the memories and reflections of sixty prominent Germans drawn from the worlds of politics, culture, economics and show business, in a collage which simultaneously illuminates both the important political developments of the time and personal experiences. …  as the protagonists reveal elements of their inner worlds, the documentary images of the time gain in depth and clarity. You should not miss out on „Mein Deutschland“.

Die Welt

An extract from Susanna Schiebler’s legendary artwork.

Dowel inventor Arthur Fischer in Thumlingen, Swabia.

Actress Christine Kaufmann (middle) with cameraman Martin Lorenz by lake Tegernsee.

Actress and singer Eva-Maria Hagen with director Jan Peter and cameraman Martin Lorenz in the Uckermark.

Singer Annett Louisan and director Jan Peter in Schönhausen an der Elbe.

The former Miss Germany, Christel Schaack, alongside the „Mein Deutschland“ team in the Kursaal Wiesbaden.