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„das erste mal“ (‘the first time’)


Written in 2001, Fortima co-founder Michael Faustino Bauer’s first screenplay sought to narrate a story in only 100 seconds. The objective was also thereby to win the ‘MicroMovie100’ competition, initiated by Studio Universal and Premiere. In addition, the story had to touch its viewers’ hearts and trigger emotional images which would resonate in their minds.


‘das erste mal’ was one of ten screenplays selected for production, out of a total of 300 presented to a panel led by director Helmut Dietl.

Given a 5,000 D-Mark production contract, Faustino Bauer directed the film shoot with a small team in the summer of 2001.

‚das erste mal‘ tells the story of a couple preparing for their first time on new year’s eve. Sequences of numbers repeatedly appear in the picture, for example on a car licence plate, a bus number, or the time on a microwave, etc., indicating the time remaining in the film, and in keeping with the countdown. At the end of the short film, a condom springs from its package, signalling the “0” which ends the film. But the fun is only about to begin…!

In early 2002, ‘das erste mal’ was shown in a cinema in Berlin, alongside the nine other selected contributions, and an overall winner was chosen. In April 2002, the ten short films were officially broadcast on Premiere.


Genre: Short Film//Format: Mini DV //Production Year: 2001 //Running Time: 100 seconds

Executive Producer, Author and Director: Michael Bauer// Cinematography, Editing, Graphics: Peter Hartmann // Sound: Hagen Kaelberer // Music: TLC

Production: „MicroMovie100“ competition, shown in a Berlin cinema and broadcast on Premiere. 

Cast: Mareen de Beyer, Manuel Martins

The parents leave the house on new year’s eve: The countdown begins.

HE prepares himself and has a bath.

SHE tries on her new bra. The price tag shows the remaining time.

SHE waits in the December cold for bus number 26, which is to take her to her loved one.

Arrived, with only 17 seconds to go …

BOTH look forward to the event.

Have a great time, over and out!