Feature Films/Series

„Over the Rainbow“


By the late 1990s, it had been over 60 years since the last independent feature film had been produced in Leipzig. FORTIMA co-founder Jan Peter and the Leipzig-based firm LE Vision set out to change this situation and were launched into the adventure which is film production.


Yury Winterberg and Jan Peter wrote the original screenplay, and together with executive producer Simone Baumann, they earned the support of numerous financial backers, and were able to collect a total budget of almost 1.5 million Marks. Despite having no previous experience, the crew shot the feature film “Over the Rainbow” in 22 days, on a specially built set on the grounds of the old trade fair in Leipzig, and near the Leuna works in Saxony-Anhalt. Bela B. from the cult band ‘Die Ärzte‘ played one of the lead roles in this claustrophobic thriller. There were also cameo appearances from Max Lilja („Apocalyptica“), Nina Miranda („Smoke City“) and Tobias Künzel („Die Prinzen“).

The Leipzig-based band “Think About Mutation” contributed to the soundtrack.

The film was shown in around thirty cinemas across Germany during the summer of 1999, and was invited to numerous festivals, including in Umea (Sweden) and Moscow (Russia). Two years later, the film was shown on ARD under the title „Hinter dem Regenbogen“ (literally, Behind the Rainbow), and has been repeated since. 


Genre: Feature Film // Format: 35mm // Production Year: 1998 // Budget: c. 1.5 million DM (800.000 €) // Running Time: 90 Min.

Authors: Yury Winterberg, Jan Peter //  Cinematography: Sönke Hansen // Editing: Michael Radeck // Dramatic Composition: Thomas Teubner // Production Design: Peter Weber // Costumes: Danja Swindall // Makeup: Margot Nestler, Petra Schaumann // Sound: Carsten Arnold // Art Director: Raban Ruddigkeit // Director: Jan Peter

Production: LE Vision Leipzig in co-production with the MDR and supported by Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung.

Executive Producers: Simone Baumann, Yury Winterberg, Jan Peter

Cast: Mina Tander, Annett Renneberg, Mareike Fell, Pascal Ulli, Bela B. Felsenheimer, among others.


„Teen horror `Made in Germany’ accompanied by hip sound – Jan Peter’s psychocomedy is severely to the point”.


„On the spacious factory floor which plays a leading role in the film, a certain constellation does indeed occasionally emerge, which is reminiscent of Reservoir Dogs“.

Die Tageszeitung (taz)

„A sinister story with uncompromising design and remarkable young actors – the girls in this film are to be feared“.


„A type of horror tale in the form of a Zeitgeist story – ‘Over the Rainbow’ is the first theatrical film since the political transformation to have been filmed exclusively in ‚the East’”


„In his debut, which turns away from classical dramaturgical concepts, Jan Peter managed to gaze without prejudice into the techno-temple of our times“.


Artwork: Raban Ruddigkeit

Mareike Fell, Annett Renneberg and Mina Tander (left to right) behind the rainbow.

Mareike Fell as Astrud comes to a fateful decision.

Director Jan Peter und author Yury Winterberg (left) in front of the impressive studio set on the site of the Leipzig trade fair, with the lead actors from "Over the Rainbow" - Annett Renneberg, Mareike Fell, Mina Tander and Pascal Ulli.

Boredom in a children’s room can be deadly - Iris, Marie und Astrud.

Pascal Ulli as the sombre rockstar Ray, shot in the Lindenfels theatre, Leipzig.

Bela B. Felsenheimer as the dying rock star’s alter ego.