Dr. Michael Faustino Bauer

Professor/Managing Director/Producer michael.faustino-bauer@fortima.de

Born in 1969 on the day of the moon landing, but raised near Karlsruhe.

In youth, primarily involved in sports and providing math tutoring, including for a future European football champion. Always a film enthusiast and admirer of Arnold S. from G., because he achieved greatness in multiple disciplines: sports, business, film, and politics.

Studied industrial engineering in Karlsruhe, receiving the Faculty Prize in 1997, then worked as a management consultant at CTcon. Completed a Ph.D. in Controlling at WHU Vallendar and became an expert in strategy at Porsche. Spent 10 years in sales and business management at a web content service. Since 2012, has been a professor at HWR Berlin and a lecturer at the Berlin Professional School in international MBA programs, as well as a globally active management trainer in finance and strategy.

First production odyssey in 2001: Won 5,000 German marks from Studio Universal in the “MicroMovie 100” competition to produce the short film “the first time.” Achieving a 65% profit margin and screening the film in a Berlin cinema for journalists and director legend Helmut Dietl served as motivation for future projects.

In 2015, together with Jan Peter, Faustino Bauer founded Fortis Imaginatio to realize special projects. With the expansion in 2023 to include Jochen Doell, Stephan Lacant, and Sandra Naumann, the company enters a new, exciting phase for innovative formats and the establishment of the showrunner concept in the German market.