“WILLY” – the new documentary series by FORTIMA shareholders Jan Peter and Sandra Naumann

12. April 2024

The new four-part documentary series “WILLY – Betrayal of the Chancellor” tells the story of the East German spy Günter Guillaume and the downfall of Chancellor Willy Brandt for the first time fromMore


Fortima Co-Production Now on YOUTUBE

20. February 2024

“LUBI – A Policeman Falls” is now available on YouTube in addition to the ARD Mediathek: The Fortis Imaginatio co-production of the documentary series by Jan Peter and Sandra Naumann has already beenMore


Here’s to a New Year in 2024 – the mystery of existence.

What a year it has been, once again! Together, we have worked on LUBI, accompanied the world’s largest biathlon event, the WTC Biathlon on Schalke, and continually developed, discarded, improved, and then perseveredMore


Fortis Imaginatio generates chance. AI creates reality. New website online

21. February 2024

Creating a world, a cosmos, characters – that is the art of filmmaking and our endeavor. Thus, we consulted artificial intelligence and allowed ourselves, as shareholders of Fortis Imaginatio, to be transported intoMore


Documentary series “Lubi – Ein Polizist stürzt ab” by Jan Peter reaches 2 million streams

Jan Peter, in collaboration with producer Alexander Bickenbach (Frisbee Films), crafted this four-part series as the showrunner and director. According to SWR’s evaluation, over 2 million streams have already been reached on theMore


“Die Spaltung der Welt,” a docudrama series created by Jan Peter, now in post-production

The third season following the widely nominated and award-winning docudrama series „14 – Tagebücher des Ersten Weltkriegs“ (Season 1) and “Clash of Futures. 1918-1939” (Season 2) is now in post-production. Jan Peter workedMore


Terrific Premiere of “Lubi – Ein Polizist stürzt ab” on October 9, 2023, at Colosseum Berlin

The 4-part documentary series – created by Jan Peter and Alexander Bickenbach – had a celebrated premiere at the Berlin Colosseum Film Theater in its 90-minute film version. The packed premiere was attendedMore


Fortis Imaginatio is expanding

The Leipzig-based Fortis Imaginatio GmbH is expanding with new shareholders from Berlin. The previous owners; director, writer, and showrunner Jan Peter, as well as business professor Dr. Michael Faustino Bauer, have teamed upMore


Air dates for unique series with FORTIMA involvement are set

The eight-part documentary drama series “Clash of Futures” will be broadcast in its original version on ARTE on September 11th, 12th, and 13th, 2018, each at 8:15 PM. The series follows the lifeMore


“41” – Great joy over the development funding for the third season of “Clash of Futures”

20. February 2018

The Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung (MDM) decided on January 24, 2018, in Leipzig to grant €100,000 in funding for the development of the third season of the documentary drama series “Clash of Futures/Krieg der Träume”!More


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“The power of imagination creates reality.”

This is how a text by Michel de Montaigne, the French philosopher and skeptic who invented the essay with his writings over four hundred years ago, begins. The essay poses questions and seeks answers, ultimately neither prescribing nor finding them. Only the readers themselves are meant to and can answer the question, thus leading to new inquiries..

This stance of questioning, of seeking, is the attitude of the people behind the company Fortis Imaginatio.

We search for images and stories that help us grasp our chaotic, colorful, terrifying, and wonderful world. Without final understanding. To continue asking questions and working towards an answer.

We are a collective of filmmakers and film enthusiasts. We work individually or as a group on constantly evolving material, new questions about the world and ourselves.
We develop ideas that become images; seen and shared by millions.

“Fortis imaginatio generat casum.”


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