Sandra Naumann

Co-author/Research/Police expert

Born in 1976 and raised in Leipzig.

Even as a young child, she enjoyed visiting her father at his workplace in the prison: The Colonel of the Volkspolizei serves as the chief physician for all prison hospitals in the Leipzig district. This experience sparked a lifelong passion for crime, criminals, and law enforcement, which she channels into her involvement in numerous documentary series.

She studied media studies in Leipzig and Manchester, while also actively participating in the techno scene of Leipzig and Berlin during the vibrant 1990s. Following this, she worked as a curator for major international media exhibitions in Berlin and Linz before ultimately choosing to focus on documentary filmmaking.

She possesses excellent connections within state criminal investigation departments, state police directorates, and criminal circles, characterized by mutual respect for each other.

She has been residing in Berlin since 2010.

”LUBI – Ein Polizist stürzt ab“



Genre: documentary series / documentary // Screenplay: Jan Peter & Sandra Naumann // Director: Jan Peter // Production: Frisbeefilms // Editorial team: Mirjam Dolderer, Susanne Gebhardt, Martina Treuter (all SWR) // Channel: SWR // Broadcast: ARD media library, Das Erste,

”Der letzte Flug – Ein deutsches Geheimnis“



Genre: documentary series / documentary // Screenplay: Jan Peter & Sandra Naumann // Director: Jan Peter // Production: DOKfilm // Editorial team: Jens Stubenrauch (RBB), Dagmar Mielke (RBB/ARTE) // Channel: ARTE, RBB // Broadcast: ARTE, Das Erste, RBB, NDR, WDR, SWR and others.

”Rohwedder – Einigkeit und Mord und Freiheit“

Researcher interviewees


Genre: Documentary series // Screenplay: Christian Beetz, Georg Tschurtschenthaler // Additional writing: Martin Behnke, Jan Peter // Director: Jan Peter, Georg Tschurtschenthaler // Production: Gebrüder Beetz // Channel/Broadcast: Netflix

”Vor mir der Süden“



Genre: Cinema documentary // Screenplay: Pepe Danquart // Director: Pepe Danquart // Production: Bittersuess Pictures // Editors: Timo Großpietsch (NDR), Jens Stubenrauch (RBB), Dagmar Mielke (ARTE) // Distributor: Neue Visionen // Broadcast: ARTE, RBB, NDR, WDR, SWR and others.

”Krieg der Träume“

Creative producer


Genre: documentary drama series // Written and directed by Jan Peter, Frédéric Goupil // Production: LOOKSfilm, IRIS Group, Les Films d'Ici // Editorial staff: Gerolf Karwath (SWR), Fabrice Puchault (ARTE France), Anne Grolleron (ARTE France), Peter Gottschalk (ARTE G.E.I.E.), Alexander von Sallwitz (NDR), Jens Stubenrauch (RBB), Barbara Schmitz (WDR), Gudrun Wolter (WDR), Gerhard Jelinek (ORF), Markéta Štinglová (CT), Anna Ferens ( TVP), Anna Kowalewska-Onaszkiewicz (TVP) // Channels: ARTE, SWR, NDR, WDR, RBB, ORF, CT, RTBF, SVT, TVP, Toute l'histoire, BBC Alba, YLE, BBC Alba, NRK, DR , Radio Canada // Broadcast: ARTE, Das Erste, ORF, CT, SVT, BBC and others.