Terrific Premiere of “Lubi – Ein Polizist stürzt ab” on October 9, 2023, at Colosseum Berlin

21. February 2024

The 4-part documentary series – created by Jan Peter and Alexander Bickenbach – had a celebrated premiere at the Berlin Colosseum Film Theater in its 90-minute film version. The packed premiere was attended by the protagonist (on special leave), the creative team, co-producers, as well as numerous representatives of the legal system, including colleagues from the police force and prosecutors who were involved in the case. Following prolonged applause, an open session of statements and interviews provided further insights and recommended the work as valuable material on the descent into drugs and crime.

In the photo, showrunner and director Jan Peter, along with Creative Producer Sandra Naumann, are seen together with Rolf L.

Here’s the link to the media library: https://www.ardmediathek.de/serie/lubi-ein-polizist-stuerzt-ab/staffel-1/Y3JpZDovL3N3ci5kZS9zZGIvc3RJZC8xNTU0/1